Acorn interface screenshot

Someone on youtube asked what our web interface looks like. Well currently it is a basic “engineering” interface meaning it works for development but it isn’t pretty.

But for those curious here is what it looks like:

The top bar lets you recall and edit saved GPS tracks from the server. The plots are basically debug output showing me how well the control system is tracking the GPS path (and the plots became redundant, but fixing that is low priority for me right now). The map shows Acorn and its current GPS path, and the side bar on the right controls GPS path recording and path loading, plus autonomy enable/disable and autonomy speed.

Lots that could be done to improve this certainly. One cool thing to note is that we created this map using a DJI drone and OpenDroneMap and the map tiles are actually being served from our instance of OpenDroneMap. So we could re-map the property and have it in the web UI within a few hours. I am working on automatically mapping our property once a week with an autonomous drone.

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