Weed Pulling in orchard rows?


I’m a commercial lemon and avocado grower in Southern California excited to learn about Acorn!

We have a very static environment that seems like a good fit for an autonomous robot. It’s even terrain and trees that stay in the same place for decades at a time. They’re also pretty impossible to mix up with weeds. But it’s a lot of distance and seems well suited to a design like Acorn. I was recently in a block of trees that’s got very straight rows of trees each 20 feet wide by 1000 feet long. An Acorn could spend a day tending to one of these rows freeing our guys up to work on other tasks.

Has anyone worked on something for an orchard setting like this specific to weeding? A lot of our other tasks are a bit complicated and physically challenging.


Wow! really interesting farm. You have youtube channel?

Just out of curiosity, why pulling weeds instead of mowing or even light rolling? Intentional groudcover can be good for soil health, pest control, pollination, etc, plus easier to operate using machines like Acorn.