Rural Ag tech/Education in Rural areas of Nigeria

If a student’s knowledge of agriculture is built upon misconception and inaccurate information, then it becomes more difficult for the student to learn new information and subsequently apply the knowledge arising from it (Ambrose et al., 2010)

This is the situation people in the rural areas of Nigeria find themselves.

Those in rural areas produce 1/3 of the worlds food (According to FAO), yet the larger percentage of those affected by food insecurity and hunger are found in rural areas.

My plan is to promote the use of Agriculture technology among rural dwellers across Africa starting from Nigeria. My focus will be on primary school kids from the ages 5-13. It will be much easier to change their perception about the old conventional way of farming and teach them about modern agricultural practices. These include precision/smart agriculture, soilless farming, use of robotics in agriculture etc.

I will be very happy to connect with anyone in the area of rural agriculture technology willing to support, share ideas on how to effectively achieve this goal.

However, one of the challenges I am faced with right now and trying to solve, is the dilapidated school structure where this kids learn. A call for support, partnership, and volunteers. Help renovate and build a new classroom - YouTube
providing a conducive learning environment will go along way in helping kids assimilate properly.

You can check out my website or @baniagribiz on all social media platforms. You can also connect with me on IG @bayowee and you_ropean on twitter

Looking forward to your replies

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