Requirements Backlog

Hi all, It would be useful to have a specific section as a “Requirements Backlog” list of ideas that can be “collaboratively” and openly discussed, refined, versioned, up/down voted then prioritised. As a precursor to a development “Roadmap”. So to capture/prioritise etc, User Stories, if we were to pursue an Agile development framework. This might enable wider participation and help for re-iterative development, testing and feeedback of different modular needs. Perhaps this thread could be a starter to that?

In the format of: persona + need + purpose
User Story> As a [persona], I [want to], [so that]…

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User Story> (10-40HP) Small Tractor Implements with storage, upto 800kg

AS A > permaculture and regenerative small scale farmer,

I WANT TO > connect and operate my existing, varied range of, but industry standard, Tractor Implements via their:

  1. 3pl: (3 point linkage), manually remote control the platform to accurately reverse in and manually connect up the 3pl implement.
  2. Hydraulics: manually connect and have programmatically set their hydraulics operation, usually across 4 to 6 ports to lift/lower 3PL, as well as the implement’s specific hydraulic powered functions.
  3. PTO 540 rpm: on/off and throttle up/down PTO to run the implement.

SO THAT> every week, I can rotationally chop 'n drop organic matter, by fine mowing and mulching down grasses/weeds or cover crops; using my 300kg Flail Mower/mulcher or Slasher/Brush Hog implements to improve soil quality.

OR THAT> every 4th day, I can sectionally spray organic fertiliser, foliar sprays, insecticide like Neem oil spray, or semi-irrigate during drought/hot summers, v.early in the morning or late evening; using my 300kg Sprayer implement with storage of 2 x 215kg (50 gallon drums) interchangeable standard water tanks.

OR THAT> every month over 2 weeks, I can carry and spread mixes such as cover crop, green manure, amend soil with targeted spreading, of seeds, organic fertiliser, worm juice/castings, muck, soil amendments like rock dust, biochar, lime, etc; using my Spreader implement.

OR THAT> once in 2 months over a week, I can shallow Rip on contour inbetween swales or orchard rows, or across paddocks to spread water, drought-proof, oxygenate soils and encourage deep root soil remediations; using my Ripping implement.

OR THAT> for each nut variety, once every 6 months for “each” nut orchard for about 7 days, we harvest each of the orchards: using the nut sweeper or rake implement to collect them up.

OR THAT> …etc there are many more affordable low cost tractor implements (<$1000) used in organic, regenerative and permaculture farming.