Pasture mower project

Hi everyone,

Does anyone else have grass problems? ie too much of it? Grows too fast? Mowing is a chore? Don’t want to use fossil fuels? If so you might find this interesting…

I’ve been eagerly following this project for some time, hoping to leverage the designs and work of Taylor and others… but in the meantime I’ve started a project “SwardBot” (GitHub - macropin/swardbot: Autonomous Mower that anyone can build)


  • Acreage mower for mowing pasture
  • Cheap (as is possible)
  • Using commodity components, no fancy fabrication
  • First version will be janky and simple (inspired by
  • ArduPilot / Ardurover based.

I will have a working prototype and published designs before September, which corresponds with spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Feel free to check out the project on GitHub and get in contact if you think this might be something you want to build.



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