Ordering RP2040 driver - Cancelled

Getting 2pc of RP2040 fabricated by JLPCB looks like they would be ~£120 each + onward P&P

Getting 5pc would be ~£70 each + onward P&P

10pc would be ~£47 each + onward P&P

Would anyone be interested in splitting a 10pc order?

@taylor any showstopping bugs I should be aware of in latest version

@Howard are you interested (each acorn uses 4x of these motor drivers)

@s_mason Would you take 5x of these? (four and a spare?)

Yep definitely - don’t think there’s a newer version coming out any time soon is there?

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Hi all, I’ve just had a substantial project cancelled so I’m afraid I need to put this order on a back burner for now. I had been working on a plan B but it looks like that won’t happen either so I won’t be able to co-ordinate this order.