Hi, Some idea for this project

Hi, I have served for many orchards. Also thinking about farming robot for a while. Glad to know about this project.

I fly drone to help farmer manage their orchards every week.
I don’t know coding or engineering. But I know the farmer needs.
Also I was leading to design a company information system.
I am hoping I can help this project in some way.

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Have you checked out https://farmos.org/ I think it manages to be quite good, despite being based on Drupal.

Its free or I need donate ?

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Regarding communication of data from farm field robots, seems to me the most practical method would be for each robot to collect their own particular data, with a retriever such as ground or air drone that would go to each robot periodically (day/week/month, gather the data, clear the data of the robot in the field and return to farm station for download as a data shuttle. Eliminates need for huge memory in specialized robots or the need for extensive wireless power. Also add that I look forward to seeing more videos of your projects.


FarmOS hosted is $75/yr Pricing | Farmier or you could self-host

I have a subscription to FarmOS. Very reasonable price for the service. I am trying to set up a server for OpenSimulator.org and If I get that to work may set up a server for FarmOS. I am a newbie at both but there is youtube.

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My idea is the following.Check out the old and time-tested solution from radio amateurs - the APRS protocol. It is possible to organize the transmission and collection of any telemetry at a speed of 1200 bod via VHF radio stations - simple trackers, weather stations and stationary or mobile digipiters. How to become a radio amateur - all the information is on the website arrl.org

With respect to you and your project, Ivan (my amateur radio call sign R1CCX), 73!