Hello from yunfan

hello community, this is yunfan from china mainland. i came from the youtube video which introduce the Acorn opensourced vehicle

as a human nature, i prefer to be a producer which leads my love to agriculture.

as a coder, i prefer automatically processing, which leads my love to auto agriculture tools like this

i had used to rent a high tunnel greenhouse with a friend( he is a front end developer while i am a back end developer) to do some experiment including using program controlled little tractor, unfortunately it failed finally

i hope i could contributed to this community with my ideas and coding skills

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Hello Yunfan. I hope you’re not giving up on what you plan on building because it failed. We need more people like you to keep coming up with great inventions that will made food production more fun and sustainably. I will be happy to learn more about you as well as what you’re working on.

Thanks, after that failure, i think the main reason is both of us lack of growing experiences, so i am focus on learning growing knowledge .
also i was thinking what if i build a website to let people to share their growing model of specific plants? i am learning front end coding skill for this goal right now.

This isn’t a bad idea. You should push for it. It will be like an open source where people can learn about how to grow a certain crop with real life experience.