GOAT - Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology

I’ve found myself having a really deep interest in the ideas behind Twisted Fields since I first came across it and ended up spending a lot of time looking around for other groups with similar purposes and eventually I came across GOAT.

Their website will do a much better job as summarizing them than I will but essentially its an open collective of groups that all focus on open source technology to democratize farming and help revolutionize it in various ways. They hold monthly meetings and a live conference every few years as well as running a relatively active forum for all their different groups.

I was wondering if people here had heard of them before or if there’s a reason we’re not part of their group? I talked to an active member of the community and he’d never heard of Twisted Fields but looking into it he found it a really interesting concept.

I wasn’t sure if people here were aware it existed, I know I wasn’t, so I thought I’d bring it to attention here and maybe start a bit of a discussion around it. They feel like the allies with the closest ideologies to Twisted Fields and probably one worth working more closely with.