Data labeling for ml

Hey, I’m currently working for a Label Studio (Heartex) and would like to contribute when your ready for ml training and have datasets. Cool project, have been wanting to do something similar for a long time.


Thank you! I am certainly eager to get to that point, once we have a fully tested and stable vehicle design! Well, I hope I will have the first prototype camera system working this year and generating data even before the vehicle has finished long term testing.

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If you wanted some data to play with Pre-Acorn, you might find some of these interesting: GitHub - Agroecology-Lab/Open-Weeding-Delta: Open Weeding Delta - AI based weed removal robot


Would concentrated light weeding or laser weeding be a project ?
With AI to detect weeds and stereo calibration to target them

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Yes I think so. I had some thoughts in that direction here:

I lack time and budget to try and build one right now. Essentially my plan was to build the ‘Zaphod’ using the Odrive dual shaft motors. Run them with the Twisted fields BLDC driver.

See if it would move a 200g laser around. If not add a off the shelf Nema23 gearbox.