Are you in the woofer program?

Are you by any chance a wwoofer?

“Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a worldwide movement to link visitors with organic farmers,”

I ask because …

I am an aspiring roboticist as you can see from my linkedin profile. ( juan Suero Robotics )

I built a microgreens hydroponic garden in my garage powered by the open source system mycodo with atlas scientific components. When I needed my nutrient probe to cover more than one resevoir i found some plans for a 6DOF arm and put it on a belt driven linear actuator to serve multiple resevoirs. Lot of things i just cobbled together I didnt really know what i was doing.

I ask about woofer because
my wife and I are looking to work on a farm for a couple of summers before we buy our own plot of land. Shes been studying permaculture and things on our little backyard plot on long island but shes outgrown the space.

If you allowed my wife to work on your farm for free in the spirit of the woofer program I could help you run your robotic experiments maybe after learning a little to get to your level. Shes into food forest as opposed to row crop.

Im into trying to figure out how to automated a vertical microgreens hydroponic garden. everything from environment to cultivation and packaging for delivery. I know its alot but you have to start somewhere.

you can email me at if you like. with an S robotics with an S