Alternative CM4 modules

CM4 Modules
Radxa CM5 (Available March) Rockchip RK3588S octa-core Cortex-A76/A55
processor @ 2.4 GHz / 1.8 GHz with Arm Mali-G610 MP4 GPU, 6 TOPS AI accelerator Armbian

BPI-CM4 A311D Quad core ARM Cortex-A73 @2.2Ghz and dual core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU ,ARM G52 MP4 GPU & NPU 5.0 TOPS may have Armbian soon the Vim3/ A331D already supported

SOQuartz $35 -$74 RK3566 has Armbian

Radxa CM3 RK3566, Quad core Cortex-A55 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 2.0GHz has Armbian

CB1 Bigtree tech $27 Quad-core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 with a 1.5 GHz vendor-Debian


Review of some of these boards

Maybe in the future a TH154 RISC-V

Open hardware Carrier boards

Gumstix has some nice open-hardware carrier boards

Jkiv Gigabit minimal

Spikex Dual camera, Qwiic, UART

PicoBerry 40pin GPIO

Also spotted this cluster board that might be useful for something. Perhaps a budget version of the Robotic Processing Unit

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Thank you for compiling this list! Obviously with the supply chain shortage this is on everyone’s mind. I will say I have my reservations about alternative modules. Raspberry Pi has excellent OS and kernel support, excellent documentation, and a large and active user base ready to diagnose errors. Our motherboards are also designed to interface with specific hardware on the CM4 like SPI and I2C peripherals, and we have sorted out the necessary initialization routines for that hardware on the CM4.
My hope is that Raspberry Pi will succeed with their claimed manufacturing improvements and get wide availability of modules by the end of this year.
That said I know you were trying to build our code now to see how it works and see how you could contribute, and a lack of hardware this year will hamper efforts like that.
Are you currently limited by a lack of Raspberry Pi hardware? My hope is that long term we can stick with it, and perhaps in the short term we could get some hardware to devs early if needed. Not that we have an excess of hardware, but maybe we could figure something out.

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Thanks. This list was mainly just motivated by curiosity, I could have just stuck it in a private text file, but thought others might be interested.

I seem to have become an open-hardware obsessive in relation to robot hardware, so also interested in what’s ‘more open’

The BPI-CM4 or Radxa CM5 would give a bit of a performance boost. In the longer term I hope someone will put a TH1520 into the CM4 form factor. That would give open-hardware CPU, even if the GPU and accelerator remained proprietary.

I did a few more notes around open hardware ‘Robot Processing Unit’ It may be that the ROS2 hardware acceleration group can do something with it.

In short it’s just research, availability of RPI isn’t really the main consideration.

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